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"To me, financial freedom means that your basic expenses are covered if you cannot or choose not to work. To get there, you don't need to work hard, you need to work smarter by making your money work for you."

In this book you will learn:

  • What is and what is not passive real estate investing

  • How high-income earners can build tremendous wealth quickly

  • How to invest in conservative, recession-resistant real estate assets

  • How to leverage your money to give you more time

  • The benefits of real estate and how to reduce your taxes

  • How to enjoy these benefits without lifting a finger

  • How to develop a roadmap to financial freedom

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Vanessa Peters, MD, is the founder of VMD Investing and has been investing in real estate for 11 years in single family homes, commercial retail,  apartment communities, self-storage and manufactured home parks. She has invested in over 2500 units across 11 properties and 4 funds. 


She is passionate about helping busy professionals build wealth through passive, income-producing real estate that provides attractive returns and a proven roadmap to financial freedom.


Vanessa Peters earned her medical degree at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and moved to the US from Canada in 2002.  Dr. Peters is a Family Physician and Chief Physician Officer for Graybill Medical Group, a primary care owned medical group in North San Diego County with 12 locations and 80+ providers. 


She is involved in her community and is on the Board of Directors for Interfaith Community Services, a nonprofit that focuses on reducing homelessness in San Diego County. She lives in Escondido with her husband and son and enjoys hiking, traveling and yoga. 

About the Author
Vanessa Peters, MD
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