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I had considered investing in commercial properties in the past. I looked at a few properties and had a limited budget. Buying a commercial property on my own would have required a big budget ($1M+) and managing tenants, ensuring it’s always occupied and other management activities, for which I just don’t have the time or the expertise. Then a friend of mine told me about Vanessa Peters’ real estate investment opportunities which were focused on residential complexes or land deals that I would never be able to afford on my own. The deal prospectuses sent by Vanessa has been very detailed, and I loved the webinar they held to provide prospective investors an opportunity to review the deal and ask questions, and the best part was the ability to place a soft hold to reserve a spot while I was reviewing the opportunity and making sure the numbers made sense. So far, I have invested in three deals with VMD Investing, one of them already cashed out way ahead of schedule and delivered the promised returns. The other two are underway and we continue to get our monthly cash flow. I was happily surprised to see an additional “bonus” at the end of last year from one of these deals.
I think Vanessa Peters’ investment deals are a fantastic medium for investors to diversify and invest in larger deals that an individual can never handle on their own. There isn’t a safe investment today that can promise me a return of 5-7% with very minimal risk, and one that comes with large residential communities with solid management. I plan on investing in more business opportunities with Vanessa and look forward to seeing more deals come from her."

Seever Salaiman
Legacy Club Member

"I wanted to diversify into passive real estate but didn’t know where to start. Vanessa explained the investment in terms I could understand. I’ve been delighted by the results and highly recommend VMD Investing!”


Martha C. Lawrence
Author and Legacy Club Member, VMD Investing

"We can't thank Dr. Vanessa Peters' enough for introducing us to VMD Investing to help us diversify our portfolio! VMD Investing has made our transition from the uncertainty of the stock market to passive real estate investing simple and easy to understand. Their guidance, due diligence and commitment to choosing strategic industry partners with a proven track record has been very reassuring to us as new passive real estate investors. We fully trust VMD Investing and look forward to future opportunities as we pursue our financial goals!”

Gina Brelesky.jpg

Gina Brelesky
Owners, Experience Human

“I wasn’t investing in real estate deals actively when I first met Vanessa. I know I had missed out but just didn’t have the capacity to investigate good deals. I wanted to invest but didn’t want to take the time to analyze deals. I chose VMD Investing due to the level of market knowledge and due diligence that Vanessa had. I have peace of mind knowing my money is working for me and that she will continue to monitor my investments and keep me informed.  What has surprised me the most about the experience was how seamless the process of signing and wiring. Also, have no stress knowing my investment is safe.  I would absolutely recommend VMD Investing to others!"

Kelly Resendez.jpg

Kelly Resendez
Legacy Club Member

“My wife and I were looking to diversify our investments when a friend recommended we look into Syndicate investing with Vanessa.  Our friend had already done 2 deals with Vanessa and a referral from her made us feel comfortable in looking into Syndicate investing and investing via VMD.  Once we had the meet and greet discussion with Vanessa we were convinced this was the opportunity we wanted to pursue.  We have since done 4 deals with Vanessa.  While we haven't completed a deal full cycle as yet, everything is going as expected 1yr into the investments.  Vanessa is very accessible and always answers all our questions.  She brings high quality, exciting, diverse opportunities for us to consider.  She is very knowledgeable in this space and we learned a lot from reading her book 'The Busy Professional's Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing.'  The biggest surprise so far is the large depreciation related benefit these investments provide which further increase the returns on these investments.  We have already referred our friends and family to Vanessa and syndicate investing.  We look forward to completing the entire deal cycle and continuing to use these opportunities as a growing part of our portfolio.”


Technology Executive

“I met Dr. Peters at a Real Estate social event while I was looking to network with other like minded people in the rental world. After chatting for a while, she asked if I had looked into other ways of investing. What she spoke about was unfamiliar but I was very excited about the possibilities mentioned (being a form of alternate investing, unlike stocks/bonds/rentals). After speaking with my wife and doing some research, we all met for coffee and we were able to ask more 'intelligent' questions. After thoughtful consideration, my wife and I decided to invest! After years of investing in such opportunities, we trust her. I would recommend anyone to look into VMD Investing, ask questions, do research and then decide for yourself. I am extremely thankful that I met Dr Peters all those years ago...We have since invested in many other opportunities with VMD Investing. I feel the biggest difference investing here are the returns offered. See for yourself!”

John and Ronnie Tucker.heic

John and Ronnie Tucker
Legacy Club Member

“I met Vanessa Peters several years ago at a medical conference and it was the start of our "real estate relationship". I had always wanted to invest in real estate, and I knew about REI, but I did not know who to connect with. However, more importantly, I did not know who to trust. Being that she was in the same profession as I was and having met her through a mutual colleague, it was a no brainer. We met several times before I decided to invest only because I needed to be reassured about my lack of trust in these kinds of investments. Vanessa was patient to explain the process and it was not long before I decided to invest in 2019. I have since invested a couple more times. I have found real estate investing to be surprisingly hands-free and worry-free; someone else is doing the leg work for me! Every month I have extra cash from the distributions which is really nice. It is definitely something I wish I had done a long time ago. I am glad I ran into Vanessa that day and I would recommend VMD Investing to anyone!"


Stephanie Iem
Legacy Club Member

"My daughter's boyfriend, whom  I befriended and introduced her to, is a real estate agent who exudes ambition and a get-ahead spirit.  Part of that involved getting several books from Bigger Pockets, one being Vanessa's book. The Busy Professional’s Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing.  As a medical professional, it seemed particularly pertinent.  I had never considered investing in real estate because I wasn't interested in managing properties and, worse, tenants.  Passive investing therefore made perfect sense. Finished the book in a single read, then read her short bio and noticed she resides not far from me.  Couple of days after calling her, my real estate agent friend and I met her and left with favorable impressions. The syndications that she had participated as a General Partner with seemed very low risk and  relatively high profit potential, so as soon as I rolled over several IRAs and a 401k into a self-directed 401k, I invested with her and my experience has been as expected.  I plan to put more funds alongside her soon.  Seeing in real time the deflation of our money’s value which I'd anticipated for a decade or so, makes investing in a physical asset as opposed to shares of or loans to a corporation a much safer idea."


D Lemon, MD
Legacy Club Member

"Good investing is all about having trust in the team and its operators and Vanessa has shown the utmost transparency and knowledge.  I look forward to continuing and adding to my position and relationship with her and VMD."


Jason Blough
Legacy Club Member

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