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Accelerated Real Estate Investor Podcast

Are you looking for a passive way to invest your hard-earned money? Well, today’s guest, Vanessa Peters, has a unique real estate investing strategy that you won’t want to miss!

In this episode, we’re talking all about investing in entitlements — the process of turning raw land into a "shovel-ready" state. This adds value to the land and can lead to BIG returns!

“Ok Josh, but wouldn’t the builders handle that type of work?”

Nope! You see, the National Home Builders typically only purchase land that’s entitled, rather than raw, to reduce risk and speed up the process of bringing homes to market.

And therein lies the opportunity. Once the land has been entitled, builders will then pay more than double what it’s worth!

Development-readiness involves doing the leg work to get the property zoned, cleared, subdivided and/or permitted for builders — so it does require a team with a specific set of skills. This is why finding or building the right syndication is an important piece of the puzzle. Which leads me to today’s guest…

I’m speaking with Vanessa Peters, MD. Vanessa is the founder of VMD Investing and has been investing in real estate for 12 years in single family homes, commercial retail, apartment communities, short-term rentals, self-storage, land entitlements and manufactured home parks. She has invested in over 2,500 units across 15 properties and 4 funds.

In my conversation with Vanessa, you’ll hear how she went from a busy doctor (who was swimming in debt) to learning the in’s and out’s of the real estate game. Now, she’s a co-sponsor in a massive $50M land development fund, which you’ll learn all about! We dig into land entitlements, syndications, the power of your network, personal development, and more.

If you’re a busy professional looking to create passive income with real estate, this is a pretty interesting real estate niche to learn about — so don’t miss out!

Key Takeaways with Vanessa Peters

  • The low-risk real estate opportunity you never knew about — investing in “raw land” and adding value through entitlements.

  • Hear about Vanessa’s $50M fund that’s giving investors an 8% preferred return + 8% in profit sharing for a cash flow of 16% — and how she assembled a rock star team!

  • How Vanessa got her start in real estate and moved from single-family homes to investing $50k into her first real estate syndication.

  • Understanding the risks and rewards of leveraging real estate.

  • Why your network is your net worth!

  • How to level up your life through the power of masterminds.

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