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Doctors Unbound

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Exploring the Paths of Wealth and Wellness For Today’s Physician

For Dr. Vanessa Peters, taking sabbaticals in her practice could help preserve hers and her colleagues’ mental health, particularly for reasons of combating burnout. That’s why she continues to push for time off to enjoy the luxuries of life with family and herself.

Some would say that it wasn’t feasible to take sabbaticals in a small practice, others, like her, believe it is.

But that’s not the only thing Dr. Peters does to scale her time outside of her medical career. She invests in real estate syndications.

“I feel like as we get the word out, that this is a really good thing for us to be involved in and that it will become a little easier for people to understand and be more commonplace.”

This episode sheds light on a physician who sees that there’s more to life than the everyday grind of a clinician. Let’s be inspired by her story

Check it out here:

Doctors Unbound

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