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How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Doctors can be real estate investors, too! In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them! Vanessa Peters, MD, is the founder of VMD Investing and has been investing in real estate for 12 years in single family homes, commercial retail, apartment communities, short-term rentals, self-storage, land entitlements and manufactured home parks. She has invested in over 2500 units across 15 properties and 4 funds. Dr. Peters earned her medical degree at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and moved to the US from Canada in 2002. She is a family physician and chief physician officer at Graybill Medical Group, a primary care owned medical group in North San Diego County with 12 locations and 80+ providers.

[00:01] – [07:06] Opening Segment

  • Let’s get to know today’s guest, Vanessa Peters

  • Dr. Peters shares her humble beginnings and the growth of her career

  • Her real estate start: Getting caught in a home that is underleveraged

  • “I would like to retire when I’m 45.”

[07:07] – [18:14] Doctor, Investor, Business Expert

  • Top 3 Assets You Should Pick in Syndications

  • The Abundance Mindset: Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio

  • Red Flags in Hospitality Investment

    • Dr. Peters looks back on her hospitality investing experience

  • Selecting operating partners

  • Financial Education in the Medical Field

    • “There is none.”

  • Vanessa’s Ultimate Life Goal

[18:15] – [21:14] Final Four Segment

  • Vanessa’s advice to aspiring investors

    • “Learn as much as you can and then act.”

  • How Vanessa stays on top of her game

    • Taking care of her health

  • Vanessa’s way to make the world a better place

    • Board member for a local charity

  • Reach out to our guest – see links below

  • Final words

Resources Mentioned

Tweetable Quotes

“Compound investment is a myth.” – Vanessa Peters, MD

“You need to diversify your portfolio.” – Vanessa Peters, MD

“Don’t look at this deal as your only deal. You’re going to do lots of deals”. – Vanessa Peters, MD


Connect with Vanessa Peters, MD through, Facebook and LinkedIn

Visit her website through, Facebook, and LinkedIn

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast

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