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Passive Wealth Strategies for Busy professionals

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Welcome back to the Passive Wealth Strategies show. Today we meet our guest Vanessa Peters, MD.

Vanessa Peters, MD, is the founder of VMD Investing and has been investing in real estate for 12 years in single family homes, commercial retail, apartment communities, short-term rentals, self-storage, land entitlements and manufactured home parks. She has invested in over 2500 units across 15 properties and 4 funds. She is the author of The Busy Professional's Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing - A physician's path to building wealth, creating financial freedom & leaving a legacy. Her passion is to help busy professionals build wealth through passive, income-producing real estate that provides attractive returns and a proven roadmap to financial freedom.

[00:01 - 11:50] Opening Segment

  • Vanessa Peters, MD gives an introduction about herself

    • Vanessa shares about herself and her real estate journey

    • Investing in something new

[11:51 - 18:53] Land Entitlement Funds

  • How to Avoid Ground-Up Development

  • Building on Unbuildable Land

  • Another Arm for Rent

  • Vanessa talks about land entitlement funds

[18:54 - 23:49] Setting FIRE

  • How to Build Connections for Success

  • “It’s not a male/female thing.”

  • The Busy Professional's Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing

[23:50 - 30:22] Closing Segment

  • Quick break for our sponsors

  • Vanessa talks about short term rentals from being a mom-and-pop investor

  • Investing for family

  • Connect with my guest. See the links below.

Resources Mentioned:

Tweetable Quotes:

“The interesting thing about this fund is that while it is an equity fund from the perspective of the investor, it’s actually a debt instrument.” - Vanessa Peters, MD

“‘Oh! I’m making so much money!’ But you know it’s just a lesson and making sure you know what you’re doing. And when you’re treating it as a business, you’ll probably do extremely well.” - Vanessa Peters, MD

“The motivation is not just to make money. It’s because I want to give back to my folks.” - Vanessa Peters, MD


Connect with Vanessa through, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Passive Wealth Strategies for Busy professionals

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