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Passive Wealth Strategy Podcast

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Vanessa Peters, MD, joins us today to talk about the unique financial situations doctors face. Did you know that most doctors are financially strapped, despite their high incomes? Today Vanessa will teach you how new doctors can avoid the financial mistakes most make. If you’re raising money for syndicated real estate deals and you want doctors to invest in your deals, learn these important lessons! If you’re a doctor who has made some financial missteps, join us to learn how you can get back on track.

Notable Quotes:

"The problem is that financial advisors are going to tell you their world view of how you should invest your money, which is in things that tend to make them money as well. And even if they don't, then they might not be really that knowledgeable about other options, private placements and real estate investments and things like that."

"If someone comes to you with a deal, you need to look at the not at the numbers, not at the deal, not the location. But first, you have to look at the team."

Check it out here:

Passive Wealth Strategy Podcast

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